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Pixels Solution Strengthens Partnership with NAOWA New Board Led by Mrs Mariya Lagbaja to foster Digital Solutions.

Pixels Solution on a courtesy visit to Mrs. Mariya Lagbaja the 23rd National President of the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association at the National Secretariat in Asokoro.


Pixels Solution, a leading player in the digital solutions industry, has taken a significant step forward by strengthening its partnership with the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association, a move that promises to usher in a new era of creativity and efficiency. This partnership comes with a fresh start as Mrs. Mariya Lagbaja assumes leadership as the 23rd National president of NAOWA.


Pixels Solution, led by Miss Adeola Adeyemi, the Client Relationship Manager, relayed a congratulatory message to the new Noawa President on behalf of the CEO of Pixels Solution, Mr. Okey Udeogu. The message from Mr. Udeogu reads, “Congratulations to Mrs. Mariya Lagbaja on her new role as the President of Noawa. We look forward to an exciting journey of innovation and success in our strengthened partnership. Together, we will redefine the digital landscape and create remarkable solutions for our clients.”


Pixels Solution’s strengthened partnership with the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA) holds a specific purpose — to expand the reach of their payment platform, PixPay. This collaborative effort aims to onboard more NAOWA schools onto PixPay, simplifying the fee collection process and streamlining account reconciliation for greater ease and efficiency. Through this initiative, Pixels Solution and NAOWA are working hand in hand to offer a practical solution to the educational community associated with NAOWA group of schools, ensuring a seamless experience in managing school fees and financial transactions.


In conclusion, Pixels Solution’s strengthened partnership with NAOWA, under Mrs. Mariya Lagbaja’s leadership, reflects a commitment to using technology for the betterment of the Nigerian Army Officers’ families, creating a positive impact in this non-governmental sector.


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