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Medical Laboratory System

This Platform is designed for Laboratories to store and track records of Patients Lab Test in a cloud database for future reference. It allows lab technicians and managers to adequately manage lab samples and results. It automates the workflow of a Lab from the collection of test samples to the generation of test result. Patients can book and pay for a Lab Test and also get their Lab Results delivered directly to their Phones. No need to wait at the Lab Centre for your Lab Test Results

Library Management System

Leapson LMS help libraries to keep track of their books by managing books inventory through cataloging and labeling of Books Shelves and Partitions. It also tracks member subscriptions and profiles together with the books issued to them. You can make book reservation and extend the return of borrowed book. It also tracks books overdue for return with its associated fines

Leapson LMS has both Web and Mobile App.

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E learning Platform for Secondary Schools

StudyBridge is built to tackle the challenges of the continuing threat of the coronavirus to the Educational system. This platform unlike other solutions from other vendors is pioneering the blend of the calendar-driven learning management system with monitoring and evaluation features.

Students learn in an organized manner using the inbuilt timetable of course content according to the scheme of work.

Another notable feature of StudyBridge is its ability to connects to Zoom for real-time Online teaching.

Law Automation Software

Briefs are the lifeblood of legal practice and one of the biggest areas where lawyers stand to benefit from today’s latest technological advances.

Briefcase takes away the tedious and time-consuming manual procedures for handling different briefs. It automates the law office processes starting from preparing briefs to assigning lawyers to the cases and documenting the court procedures. It is also a repository of all Legal documents used in different cases.

With Briefcase.ng, lawyers handling a case can stay in touch through the app and also share documents within themselves.

Anti-Forgery and Verifiable Certificate System

Verian Platform is a well-thought solution that would effectively reduce the issues of Certificate forgery in our Educational System.

The Platform generates Digital Certificate that can easily be verified anywhere in the world.

Point of Sales and E-Commerce Platform

Sales Cloud is a point of Sale (POS), Inventory System, and E-Commerce Platform. It is used by retail and wholesale Supermarkets, Pharmacy Stores, and any other departmental stores to manage sales and stock of the different goods.

SalesCloud is deployed on the cloud so that the business owners can have real-time access to different sales transactions and for customers to place and pay for the order of goods on the online store

Point of Sales and E-Commerce Platform

This Platform tackles the challenges of manual Bookkeeping records of local church offerings and Remittances. It keeps track of all the contributions of members of a local church and the remittance of these collections to a higher authority within the church hierarchy

It also generates summarized reports and other Data Analytics based on Local churches Remittances

Knowing how tedious it is for Local churches to send in their reports of Collections of tithes and offerings. Olive tree tackles these challenges of manual Bookkeeping records of local churches offerings and Remittances by tracking track of all the contributions of members of a local church and the remittance of these collections to a higher authority within the church hierarchy

The platform also generates summarized reports and other Data Analytics based on Local churches Remittances

School Messaging Platform (Web, Mobile and SMS)

This web platform is used by schools and organizations to share news and documents to their audience. Users get instant notifications on their phones of the messages either through SMS or through our MessageBox App

ICT Assets Management Software

i-ToolBox is a scalable, and end-to-end system designed to provide corporate organizations with the capability to track the lifecycle of all IT tools including personal computers, servers, tablets, printers, scanners, peripherals, spare parts, and all procured software licenses.

i-ToolBox helps the ICT department to achieve proactive maintenance of all hardware and software through real-time monitoring of ICT Assets and automatic scheduling of their routine maintenance. This will help the ICT department to be equipped with enough information for prompt decision making and quick response by the support team. It will also help to optimize spending by planning for purchases, and repairs, while blacklisting fake or underperforming tools. 

School Accounting Software

The goal of this automated school accounting software is to ensure the integrity of school financial records and also to generate real-time reports on students who have or have not paid school fees.

iFinance is built to handle all financial transactions in a school by keeping accurate account reports on students’ school fees payment transactions, automating the analysis of students’ school fees payment, keeping records of all Journal Entries, and handling automatic Posting to General Ledger. It also generates Financial Statements such as Profit and Loss Report etc.

It ensures easy, fast, and accurate storage and retrieval of schools account details

Pixels Human Resources Management System

Oren HRM Platform is a simplified system for managing employees’ data, training, payroll processing, and promotions setup and staff evaluations. It also has employee self-services.

Oren HRM can be integrated with Pixels BioClock for Time and Attendance Management.